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Zell Miller

Out−spoken U.S. Senator, nationally−acclaimed governor, best−selling author, university professor, dedicated Christian, and U.S. Marine Sergeant. That only begins to describe Zell Miller, one of the most popular, colorful, and enduring political figures in America today. A fellow governor once said, "In a world filled with plastic and phonies, Zell Miller is the genuine article with the bark still on. For certain, this fiercely independent conservative tells it like he sees it and no one doubts where he stands on any issue. That's why he's a regular on the nation's talk shows and in great demand as a public speaker.

A Democratic supporter of President Bush, Miller is the only person ever to have been the keynote speaker in both the Republican and Democratic national conventions. His speeches are a unique mixture of analysis, history, humor, scripture, faith, family, patriotism, and straight talk common sense.

A tax−cutting governor, he created two far−reaching programs that no other state has been able to duplicate, as well as a scholarship program that provides free college tuition for every high school graduate with a B average and a voluntary statewide pre−kindergarten program for all four year olds.

Author of six books, Zell and Shirley, his wife of fifty years, live with two yellow labs in the same house he grew up in. A large family, including grandchildren and great grandchildren, live nearby.

It's an idyllic existence which Miller once described in a song he wrote, "Everywhere I've Ever Been Was On My Way Back Home."

After retiring from The U.S. Senate in January, 2005, Zell Miller became a public speaker, a contributor to The Fox News Channel, and completed a new book.

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